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If you’re a healthcare professional looking for exciting career opportunities in Kuwait, you’ve come to the right place. Kuwait offers a variety of job prospects for registered nurses, including positions in private hospitals, government healthcare facilities, home care, dental clinics, and schools. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining your Kuwait Ministry of Health (MOH) license, which is essential for practicing healthcare in the country.

Step 1: Set Your Goal and Prepare Your Documents
Before diving into the licensing process, it’s crucial to determine your career goals in Kuwait. Decide which type of healthcare facility aligns with your interests and skills, whether it’s a private hospital, government institution, home care, or another option. Additionally, gather all the necessary documents you’ll need throughout the application process.

Step 2: Find an Employer
To work as a healthcare professional in Kuwait, you’ll need to secure employment with a reputable institution. You can achieve this by either connecting with a reliable agency or exploring online job platforms. Your employer will play a vital role in facilitating your journey to Kuwait.

Step 3: Attend an Interview and Obtain a Visa
Once you’ve found an employer, attend the interview and obtain a visa to Kuwait through your prospective employer. This visa is essential for entry into the country and starting your employment.

Step 4: Data Check and Verification
Depending on your employer’s requirements, your educational credentials, professional license, and work experience will undergo data verification. This verification process is conducted by agencies such as ISVSC Data Check (International Specialized Verification Services CO) or Data Flow PSV (Primary Source Verification). Once cleared, you’ll receive a work permit card, allowing you to join your healthcare facility.

Step 5: Resident Card
Your employer will assist you in obtaining a resident card, which is essential for legal residence in Kuwait.

Step 6: Exam Booking
Once your verification is complete, your employer will initiate the process of booking your licensing exam with the Kuwait MOH.

Step 7: Prometric Exam /Written Exam and Oral Interview
Prometric exams are conducting for soem profesionals. Book prometric exam in prometric site and get score report. Send pass result report to your employer.

Candidates need to register with the Ministry of Health of Kuwait before scheduling an exam appointment. Please go to https://www.moh.gov.kw.

The candidate’s name used to register with the Ministry of Health of Kuwait needs to exactly match the name used to schedule an exam appointment with Prometric as well as the name in the candidate’s Passport. The Ministry of Health of Kuwait will not be accountable in case candidates did not use exactly the same name. 

The MOH-KW exam pass result is valid for one year from the date of report issuing.

Soem professionals written exam and oral interview, which are mandatory components of the licensing process. . After completing the written exam, you’ll hand in your answer sheet and await the results. Successful candidates proceed to the oral interview, which generally focuses on your healthcare experience. Sample questions are provided for your reference.

Following professions can book exam in prometric site:

  1. assistant nurse
    2. general dentistry
    3. general practitioner
    4. lab technician
    5. obstetrics and gynecology for registrar
    6. Radiology technologist
    7. Regsitered nurse

Prometric exam fee for nurses(RN and AN)-230 USD

Step 8: Complete Medical Checkup
Following your successful interview, undergo a complete medical checkup as required by the MOH.

Step 9: Document Verification and License Issuance
Visit the MOH office with all your attested original documents and your medical checkup report. The MOH will verify your documents, and within a week, you will be issued your Kuwait MOH license.

Kuwait MOH Office Address:
Ministry of Health Kuwait
Sulaibkhat – Jamal Abdel Nasser Street
PO Box 5, Zip Code 13001

You can watch our video blog related to this topic here


Additional Documents Required for Government Sector Applicants:

  1. Updated Resume
  2. Degree certificate (B.S.N or Diploma) attested by Kuwait External Affairs with a grade not less than good.
  3. Transcript with details of nursing subjects and hours, also attested by Kuwait External Affairs.
  4. Higher secondary certificate attested by Kuwait External Affairs.
  5. Valid nursing license from your home country.
  6. Passport and 4 passport-sized photos (4×6) along with a copy of the residence page.
  7. Experience certificate attested by your home country.
  8. BLS certificate.
  9. To Whomsoever letter from your previous workplace (as a reference).
  10. Diploma from a public Authority for Applied Education and Training or any institution approved by Kuwait Higher Education.
  11. No Objection Certificate from your previous employer.

Criteria for Application:

  1. Valid residence (other visas like visit or servant will not be accepted).
  2. Visa No (18) for nurses, with the employer agreeing to transfer the residence to the Ministry of Health or Visa No (22).
  3. Proficiency in English.
  4. Minimum experience of 3 years for BSN and 4 years for Diploma holders.
  5. Age limits: Females not more than 35 years, males not more than 40 years, and both not less than 25 years.
  6. Good health.
  7. Successful completion of the written exam and interview.
  8. Documents in either English or Arabic.
  9. Application must be submitted by the individual applying for the job.

Contact Information:
For further clarification or assistance with the process or study materials, please contact Nursingmanthra through the WhatsApp.

Securing a Kuwait MOH license is a crucial step towards building a rewarding career in the healthcare field in Kuwait. By following the outlined steps and meeting the necessary criteria, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a licensed healthcare professional in this vibrant country. Good luck on your journey!

Thank you for reading our blog at Nursing Manthra. We wish you success in your pursuit of a healthcare career in Kuwait!

NATIONAL HEALTH REGULATORY AUTHORITY BAHRAIN-License Process for Health care Professionals

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