How to clear Data flow Discrepancy? Negative data flow report ?-2024

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Dear friends,

Data flow or PSV -Primary source verification is the number one agency for gulf countries to check the authenticity of your documents. Each health care authorities depend on data flow verification company to check authenticity of candidate report.

Once data flow comes negative in any authority, automatically it will get linked with new data flow reports to all authorities. Suppose if your data flow report in Qatar negative for 2015 , then you do new data flow in 2024 in Dubai health authority. Report can come positive or some time’s negative, but DHA system identifies that you had a negative report in Qatar. I hope they use AI system, to detect these information’s, but not sure.

If you are a health care professional and wish to work in gulf countries , you must undergo with Primary Source verification. Once report comes positive , then only we can move to next step.

Unfortunately, if your report comes negative , What is the solution for that?

Education Discrepancy:

Eg: Your education authority is not valid , (for an example: Bharat Sevak Samaj certificate), due to that your final outcome is negative. In this case what is the solution, nursingmanthra can suggest you, If you completed another course from different authority which is valid by data flow, then we have to do additional data flow for that particular education. Then send detailed requesting mail to the authority , where you got negative report. This is related to your education data flow discrepancy.

Before applying to data flow , please check your university is UGC approved(Indian applicants) and government approval is there or not (other nationalities).

Nursing manthra has list of universities and boards which is not valid for abroad. For some reasons, can’t publish it publicly.

If any of you have doubt about your education authority authenticity , then kindly contact us .If we knows about that authority current status , will inform you and suggest you the procedures.

What about employment discrepancy?

Scenario 1: Facility closure:

Always make sure that , wherever you are working , you have to receive your salary through bank account as a proof . Because most of the cases , the employer facility closes when candidate apply for data flow. So some how the bank salary transaction statement will protect you for mercy appeal.

Scenario 2: Poor management System

Another case , management fight , most of the time, some management don’t want to give proper response to data flow team, because they don’t want to leave you from their workplace.

In this case , make sure you are informing the employer that the experience certificate is producing to data flow for verification and kindly respond to data flow team through mail and phone call . some time they will conduct site visit also. So when you request for experience certificate , inform employer , this certificate is for data flow purpose.

I have noticed that , so many applicants will take experience from employer by saying “for bank purpose”. So once data flow mail comes , employer denies the authenticity of document and informs that misinterpreted document. So always be clear with management.

Make clear licensing title/job role, department , starting date and ending date -always double check all these details for its perfectness. Make sure that there is proper seal and sign from HR department or Hospital Director. A valid contact information like Email id and Phone number must be mentioned in the experience certificate. So that it is easy for the data flow team to verify it and complete your application as early as possible.

Scenario 3: Applying with Fake certificates:

It is not good to practice profession in this way. There are so many excuses to provide for gap of practices. Most of the countries , they have CME training program for gap of practice up to 5 years. So maximum avoid fake certificates. Nowadays, a lot of hospitals are backlisted , those provides fake experience certificates. So you don’t know when your hospital will become black listed and your report will be negative.

So don’t make a gap of more than 2 year from your practice, to avoid complications in future.

Always apply for data flow through a trusted , experienced agency. so that they will clearly go through your documents and suggest good things to you for your better outcome.

Are you having trouble with your negative data flow reports and prevents you from practicing your profession?

For further information or assistance with this process, please feel free to reach out to Nursing Manthra via WhatsApp (+971 502 515 717) or click the link below:

Nova Scotia College of Nursing-NSCN-Canada-Licensure application process for Internationally Educated Nurses:
License Application Process for Midwifes in USA for Internationally educated Midwives:

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