Nova Scotia College of Nursing-NSCN-Canada-Licensure application process for Internationally Educated Nurses:

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Nova Scotia College of Nursing-NSCN-Canada-Licensure application process for Internationally Educated Nurses:

International nurse not currently licensed in Canada:

Step 1-Survey:

Nova scottia’s new application pathway for nurses from 7 countries.

Step 2:

2 licensure pathways available.

  1. Expedited pathway-RN from Philippines, India, Nigeria, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand.
  2. Non Expedited pathway-Other countries


  1. Nursing Education
  2. Valid license
  3. Good standing


Applicant portal information and signup NSCN Registration.


If you are educated and practised as a mental health nurse -email first before applying to below mail id:  [email protected]

Profile : RN applicants (Expedited countries) –2 identification , name change document if applicable

Notarization not required.

  • License verification: Verification of registration form-sent from council to them. If already have NNAS report then you can port report to NSCN. Once report is ported, you can then email the NNAS application number for Nova scotia to : [email protected]
  • For applicants currently licensed in the USA, can use Nursy’s online search tool to determine whether your license is in good standing .
  • Pay application fee
  • If you completed competence assessment through another regulatory body in Canada, arrange for NSCN to receive copy of the receipt
  • Submit a criminal record check (CRC) to NSCN, when they  inform you that you are eligible to apply for licensure.
  • Do not submit CRC with your initial application because these documents expire 6months after they issued.
  • Indians-CRC-PCC-particular state where you practised nursing
  • Philippines—Entire country PCC
  • CRC must come to NSCN directly from the agency performing it: [email protected]
  • CSI for international CRCs
  • CSI background screening
  • Start application -Once application approves 4 options
  • Get conditional license now , exam later
  • Get conditional license and take registration exam now
  • Take registration exam now , license later
  • Do nothing right now


LPN-CPNRE-Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination.

  • Need job offer from an employer to be eligible to immigrate to Canada
  • You are eligible for conditional license . But it expires within 4months from activation date. So no need to activate conditional license to write NCLEX examination
  • Unless ,it is required for immigration purpose, you don not have to activate your conditional license until you arrive in Canada.

Expiry of your application:

  • All international documents expire with 24 months after they were completed except IELTS report (2 year)
  • After 2 year , wish to reapply -the you have to Repay the assessment fee.


Application for assessment for RN from 7 countries:

7 countries as listed initially—57.50 CAD

Other countries—575 CAD.

For further information or assistance with this process, please feel free to reach out to Nursing Manthra via WhatsApp (+971 502 515 717) or click the link below:
College of Registered Nurse in Ontario-Canada-CNO-Licensure application process for Internationally Educated Nurses:
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