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"Nursing Manthra" is a social network community for registered nurses, nursing students and lecturers, those who are interested in network , ask questions , share knowledge, and learn from others. “Nursing Manthra” delivers relevant and contemporary educational information, supports quality health care by delivering online  clinical and nursing school education, provides nursing lecture notes for various subjects, bring you International Nursing exam study guides, brings home News about nursing, licensing procedure for different countries around the world etc., through various  media forms like PPT presentations and more. Feel free to discuss working environment and nursing related issues.

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Mrs .Shincy George

Mrs .Shincy George is an author of various nursing books related to procedure manuals in different subjects, question banks, International Nursing Exam recruitment Guide , published in India and is circulated through various nursing colleges in India. She Possess Masters Degree in Nursing (Medical Surgical –Cardio Thoracic Nursing). She worked as RN in Medical Surgical Department, Specialist nurse in Emergency Department and worked as Lecturer in Medical Surgical Nursing across various nursing Institution in India. She worked as a staff trainer and held position as speaker for various seminars.


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