Transfer Ministry of Health UAE (MOH – UAE) license to  Department of Health Abu Dhabi(DOH) or HAAD.[MOH TO DOH]

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Those who have activated their MOH license within one month of license activation are eligible to transfer their license to DOH.


To transfer the MOH license to DOH, you must have a valid MOH license, whether it’s for a private electronic clinic or any other form. Additionally, you need the letter of evaluation from MOH and a still-working certificate from your MOH employer. Your MOH license can be transferred to DOH, and you might receive exemptions for certain requirements, such as a month of experience. Along with this, you must provide your valid home country registration and your home country experience or the previous two-year experience, which should be from the same state or country as your registration. You also need to present your educational records based on your professional advancement. For specialists or general practitioners, a residency certificate, internship certificate, and logbook are required, along with additional data flow if not already done for MOH. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is also mandatory, and DOH requires 3 COVID vaccination certificates for registration.

You may watch our video explaining about the transfer ,using the link given below :

To transfer your MOH license to DOH, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain MOH Certificate of Good Standing: Start by obtaining the MOH certificate of good standing.
  2. Forward MOH Data Flow Report to DOH: Once you have the MOH certificate of good standing, forward the MOH data flow report to DOH. This includes the MOH Dataflow Report Transfer Plus and other required documents based on your area of expertise. The processing time for data flow verification is approximately 25-30 days.
  3. Seek Employment and Obtain Offer Letter: After validating your data flow, start looking for employers. Once you receive an offer letter from your employer, such as a facility recommendation letter, use it for the accreditation process or to submit your application to DOH.
  4. Pay Processing Fees: The fees for transferring the MOH license to DOH include:
  • MOH Certificate of Good Standing: 520 Dirhams
  • Data Flow Transfer: 230 Dirhams
  • Additional Documents (MOH license, MOH good standing, MOH experience): Approximately 960 Dirhams
  • Credentialing Process: Around 110 Dirhams
  1. Processing Time: The overall duration to transfer the MOH license to DOH is approximately 35 to 40 days.

Nursing Manthra can assist you throughout the process, including obtaining the E Tarasol barcode and handling all additional documents. Note that some employers may cover the certification and licensing fees, while others might require you to pay the fees yourself.

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