How to transfer SAUDI license to DHA/MOH/HAAD/SCFHS nursing licensing transfer to UAE

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Transferring a license from Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf nation to the UAE (Dubai or any other authority like MOH, DOH, or DHA) requires taking the examination. The UAE does not offer a direct license transfer without the need for assessment or examination. Individuals who hold licenses from other Gulf countries, such as Qatar, Kuwait, or Bahrain, are also required to go through the examination process when applying for a license in the UAE.

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The process of transferring a Saudi Arabia license to the UAE (DHA, MOH, or DOH) involves several steps:

Firstly, data flow verification is required, and the data flow done in Saudi Arabia can be transferred to UAE authorities. You will need to have your Saudi experience, Saudi license, and Saudi certificate of good standing to transfer to DHA, MOH, or HAAD authorities in the UAE. An exam is also mandatory, and you can take the CBT exam in Saudi Arabia or the parametric center in the UAE. The eligibility letter obtained after passing the exam is valid for one year and can be renewed until the exam validity, which is five years for DHA. For HAAD and MOH, you can write the exams in Saudi Arabia. However, for DOH, you must obtain a job and activate your facility license within 90 days of passing the exam. If you are unable to do so, you may need to apply for credentialing again. Good Standing Certificates are necessary and should be valid within six months before applying for the eligibility letter. The MOH evaluation letter obtained after the exam is valid for five years.

For inquiries about the process of transferring your license from Saudi Arabia to UAE authorities, feel free to reach out to Nursing Mantra via WhatsApp. Click the provided buttons at the right side of the page to verify and access the WhatsApp number. Once redirected, you can share your profession and queries by sending a voice message. Nursing Mantra is available at any time and ready to assist you with completing the licensing process.

Transfer Ministry of Health UAE (MOH – UAE) license to  Department of Health Abu Dhabi(DOH) or HAAD.[MOH TO DOH]

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