How to transfer Assistant Nurse license to Registered Nurse[AN to RN] License

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Individuals who have completed post basic BSc studies and acquired a minimum of two years of experience are eligible to upgrade their license from assistant nurse to registered nurse.

Please note that when applying to regulatory bodies such as DHA, MOH, or HAAD, many errors may occur during the document uploading process due to numerous applicants submitting certificates with matching durations of experience and courses. It is advised not to include any details of part-time jobs in your data flow or application, as it might raise questions about how one could manage both studying and working simultaneously.

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After completing your post BSc registration, it is necessary to have a minimum of two years of experience before you can proceed with the data flow process for upgrading your credentials. During this process, you should not include any old experience gained during your post basic studies; instead, only include experience acquired after completing the post BSc registration.

When starting your post BSc studies, you are allowed to work at other hospitals to support yourself financially, but it is crucial not to present this experience certificate anywhere during the data flow or application for upgradation. The experience that counts for the upgradation should be from a new place after your post BSc registration and should amount to a minimum of two years.

It is essential to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and valid application process for upgrading your license.


To proceed with the upgrade process, we will follow these steps:

  1. If you have already completed the data flow for the DHA, MOH, or DOH process and obtained the assistant nurse license, we can use that data flow report as a basis. Additionally, we will need to conduct another data flow for your convocational degree certificate, license, registration, and the experience certificate gained in the two years following your post BSc registration. These three documents will be subjected to additional verification.
  2. If you are currently working as an assistant nurse in Dubai and possess two years of experience, we can apply for the registered nurse title for you. However, please note that MOH and DOH may not provide the upgrade since they specifically require registered nurse experience. In our experience certificate from DOH, it will mention that you worked as an assistant nurse, making it necessary to have two years of registered nurse experience for their consideration. For DHA, you can proceed with the license upgrade.
  3. After obtaining the DHA license and working here for at least six months, we can apply for a transfer to MOH, and they may accept your application.


The expenses involved in upgrading from an assistant nurse license to a registered nurse license are as follows:

  • DHA (Dubai Health Authority):
  1. Additional data flow cost: 960 Dirhams.
  2. After completing the data flow verification, you need to submit your application for the registered nurse exam. The exam can be booked at any time, and upon passing, the validity of the license is five years. After that, you can apply for the eligibility letter in DHA.
  • MOH (Ministry of Health):
  1. You need to submit all the required documents from the beginning, including your diploma, post BSc, post BSc registration, and other necessary documents. Once the documents are submitted, you will receive the data flow payment link. After that, you have to write the registered nurse exam and then apply for the evaluation letter.
  • DOH (Department of Health):
  1. The process involves submitting additional data flow in data flow transfer, along with other required documents. After completing the credentialing process, you will receive the examination link on the Pearson view site. You have to write the exam, and if you are eligible, you can obtain the license as a registered nurse.

Please note that the specific charges and requirements may vary, so it is essential to verify the most up-to-date information from the respective regulatory authority websites or contact their official channels for accurate and current details on processing charges and procedures.

Please keep in mind that each regulatory authority has its own specific requirements and processes, so we will ensure that your application meets all the necessary criteria for a successful upgrade.

Transfer Ministry of Health UAE (MOH – UAE) license to  Department of Health Abu Dhabi(DOH) or HAAD.[MOH TO DOH]

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