Problems of Manpower Recruitment to Gulf countries for Health care professionals:

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Nursing is a noble profession, not for business  .Nurses may be differentiated from other health care providers by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice.
Manpower Company  Manpower Company is a staffing agency that is solely for the purpose of doing business as a whole. Employers do not see the careers of employees. They will only look at income. Things to look out for when recruiting in GCC (Avoid going to work under Manpower Supply Companies). Direct hospitals or company recruits receive the full amount of salaries and benefits directly into the nurses’ accounts. If so, manpower companies will be the ones hiring you. We will have to work under them. It will be less than the salary paid directly by the hospitals. Nurses working in some companies also face severe persecution. 

The highest number of complaints were received from those who came to work under the manpower supply companies. It seems like working hours, most people get jobs not from guaranteed places in the country, employees are treated very badly by company employees, long stays to get paid, bad accommodation, changes to any part at any given time. It’s really hard.

They do not provide any medical benefits or emergency assistance. In case of any illness or accident, they are wisely sent home and never look back. The only way to end this is for employees to make a firm decision not to go to work through any manpower supply and service companies. This will lead to appointments being made directly to hospitals or companies. We cannot allow Manpower Supply in the health sector.      

Some of the company names like Abdal, Samasco, Mahara these companies are recruiting health care staff and not providing proper facilities and benefits. If you went to Saudi Arabia or any GCC, through Manpower supply company, they will not get any accident benefit, or any treatment benefits.

Some employees already reached Saudi Arabia through manpower company , informed us , madam please write a blog related to the issues which they are facing, so that future applicants avoid these type of agencies.

It is highly recommended to avoid going through these type of agencies for any health care jobs.

Some of the problems listed by the employees those who already facing issues there in Saudi, Qatar

Interview, recruitment and air charge:

 Where the interview was no big deal. They will be interviewed by an unpopular private agency in our town. But lakhs will be robbed from us. Some Manpower companies will do live interviews online. If a foreigner is interviewed, speaks very rudely and they will ask money for our visa, we give him the money he asks for believing that he will get a job for us. He will rob us of a huge sum of money including all the airfare.       
Departure from my home country:

 If you want to go abroad as a nurse from India, you must have an Emigration Clearance. Immigration officials will not allow nurses to travel abroad from any airport in India without an Emigration Clearance. This is a very strict thing, but interviewers will not say what an Emigration Clearance is? if emigration clearance is not available during departure we cannot travel.       
Arrival at designated places:

 As soon as we arrive and disembark they begin to show their character. Some employers will not even bring a vehicle to the airport to pick up. The place we came from is a very new and unknown place. Instead of bringing the vehicle, they may send a location and tell you to come to that place.       
No reimbursement of prometric exam fees, Embassy attestation fees and no relocation allowance:

 Prometric exam and certificate attestation fees are usually reimbursed when hiring at hospitals and direct companies. But manpower companies do not repay it. Also, if nurses are hired from abroad (overseas), relocation allowance must be provided. But they do not provide all.        
Appoint at any company:

  Only from here do we really know where we are going to work, how we are going to work. Working here will not be in the name of the company we interviewed, the employer will have contracted to another company, which is where we actually go to work. That accommodation is shared along with laborers. That too will be a labor camp. There may be speakers of other languages. There will be four or five workers in a room. There may be no basic facilities in that labor camp. Toilets are common. The kitchen will be generic. We will experience many unspeakable things and pains there. We will all be counted as workers.       
No fees for emergency rescue classes like ILS, BLS, ACLS etc. and no fees for CPD points as well:

 Nurses must attend emergency rescue classes such as ILS, BLS, and ACLS etc.  The employer has to pay for it but the manpower companies will not pay for it. The CPD points must be taken to renew the nursing license. We have to attend seminars to pick those points. It also costs money. But the company would not pay a penny for it and everything we spent was in our hands.       
Going for duty along with labor:

 Going to duty with workers is the next pain. We have to go to duty and come back to the room with laborers on the same bus. This is horrible and unacceptable as a nurse. They will not give us a separate vehicle at that place.       
Overtime duty with no pay :

 Workers will do overtime duty. But we do not get overtime pay. But we have to wait until the laborers work is done and the workers get back on the bus.       
Insults from the company work for:

 If we go to the company we work for and say any complaints, they will not find or solve it. The first word they say is that you are not an employee of this company, you are hired by a 3rd party. So they will say that we cannot take care of all this and fix it. Humiliation occurs in other ways too. If anything else, they will hire someone else as a nurse to tell you that you are not working properly at our company.      
Blackmail from the recruited company:

  If you go to your own company for any complaints. They will intimidate us so much that you are in another country now and we have all your documents. We may revoke your nursing license. We can block your ID number and send you back to the country. They may even raise false police charges. And while living in Qatar there was no police case. Can an employer from Qatar file a false police case against an employee while he is staying in his home country? Even an employee’s QID expires or valid?     
If new opportunities do not give NOC:

 If we get any other good job in the country where we work they will not give us NOC. They will try to ruin our professional career anyway. Because their whole purpose is business and money.      
Illegal sign in your legal documents i.e., contract form and reducing basic salary from the main contract, without our knowledge  In order not to know what is written in the contract: they will put our signature without us knowing. What’s even worse is that before an employee arrives in Qatar they will sign a main first contract, which includes a basic salary, food allowance and transportation allowance. Let it be aside. What the company will do in the renewal is: The basic salary will be deducted when the contract is renewed each year. For example, the basic salary in the first contract will be 3000 QAR and then the basic salary will be reduced to 1000 QAR in the next renewal contract but the remaining 2000 QAR basic salary will be calculated and summed on the food and transportation allowance. This affects when the employee resigns from the company i.e., 21 days of basic salary will be paid as final gratuity. The company does this deliberately in order to reduce the final amount of the employee. What can I do in this situation: Can I move legally with my first contract to compare the renewal contract?     
If we stay out, no stay and transport allowance :

 If we want to stay outside under any circumstances, the company will not provide us with transportation and accommodation allowances. They will tell you to stay where I gave you the room. They will tell you to go to our hometown, if you cannot stay in the room I give you. But they really do not have accommodation. Nurses will only stay at the companies they have contracted with.       
No nursing license renewal fees:

 When an existing license expires, the license must be applied for and renewed. But they will not pay the renewal fee either.     
After resignation, the visa won’t be canceled:

 Beyond all this, the existing visa will not be revoked even after resignation, in order to suspend the new visa for another new offer. This is a very, very sad thing. Because they do not want us to join the new job. They do not like that we are in a good position. Employer thinks he works and earns income for me and now he goes elsewhere for a good job.       
Don’t give a positive report to the Dataflow team during verification:

 Tolerating everything, overcoming all obstacles and thinking that you can go to the next level and do work in another country. When Dataflow verification comes to these manpower companies, they will give a negative report instead of a positive one.       
Conclusion :

 We have been deceived, do not be deceived. Please do not go to work for a company named “Service”. Service is a Manpower Supply company.

These blog completely prepared by the applicants who already deceived through these companies , the content which tehy says same thing I mentioned here, nothing added from my side. May be some companies will be good, but you must avoid going through manpower supply company. There will be a lot of interview directly from hospitals, or ministry of health interviews. Attend those and approach with a good agencies. Make sure your are getting offer letter under ministry of health or any good hospital . Please read care fully agreement ,contract before making sign. Even if your agent make hurry, inform them strongly to wait, after reading this I will sign like that. Before planning to go to GCC, try to collect more information from nursing groups, friends already working there, ask them about process, good agencies etc.

Thank you

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