NMBI Registration Process for Nurses in Ireland

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Ireland, a picturesque island in the North Atlantic, boasts a vibrant healthcare sector known for its high standards and commitment to quality patient care. For nurses aspiring to work in the heart of this healthcare haven, acquiring NMBI registration is a crucial step. In this guide, we’ll delve into the NMBI registration process for overseas-trained nurses.

Application Process Steps:

Step 1-Arrange all your documents including OET/IELTS score reports.

Step 2-Notarize all your documents

Step 3-NMBI Registration

Step 4-Obtain employer verification form filled from all employers where you worked.

Step 5- Obtain Education verification from college or school of nursing

Step 6-Make payment 350 Euro for Qualification Recognition

Step 7- Obtain decision letter (1-3 month)-VALIDITY 1 YEAR -BEFORE THAT YOU HAVE TO REACH IRELAND.

Step 8- Job search-job search-contact agency -online

Step 9- Apply for Atypical work permit visa scheme, after finding employer-30-60 days duration for processing time –250 Euro Visa fees-validity 90 days for visa

Step 10- Obtain police clearance certificate where you lived past 10 years.

Step 11- Apply for main visa -cost around 15thousand INR

Step 12- Obtain medical certificate from general practitioner/physician from your home country. Conduct medical examination-TB, hep B, MMR, varicella(chickenpox) ,-titer report or vaccination record
cost 6000-8000 inr–general physician /practitioner
Step 13- Find out accommodation-Most of the employers will provide 6 week initial accommodation

Step 14- Book your flight -350-600 Euro

Step 15- Arrange money to carry for meeting expense in Ireland

-If employer provides initial accommodation -1.5 lakh INR at least you have to carry. If no accommodation then around 3.-5 ;lakh needed to carry

Activate your credit card or debit card for international transactions.

Step 16-Travel to Ireland

Step 17-Complete Aptitude and Adaptation test from Ireland-cost around 222500 INR.

Step1 8- Enroll into register

Step 19-Start working as a nurse.

Note that ,most of the private facilities will sponsor first , so that they will carry out most of the expenses.

Approximate Expense for complete process:

*Oet-34000 INR-reimburse by some employer
*NMBI registration fee (reimburse)–31150 INR
*ATWS(reimburse)–22250 INR
*PCC-1000 INR
*Medical Examination-8000 INR
*Flight(reimburse)–40000 INR
*Aptitude test(reimburse)-222500 INR
*Accommodation(reimburse)–80,000 INR
*security for accomodation-80,000 INR
*Money to carry -1,50000 INR
-If employer not sponsored-Total expense–6,82900 INR

-If employer sponsored then 2.5 lakh around expense

Language Proficiency


  • Listening: 6.5
  • Reading: 6.5
  • Writing: 7
  • Speaking: 7


  • Listening: C+
  • Reading: C+
  • Writing: B
  • Speaking: B

Both IELTS and OET are recognized by NMBI, and candidates can choose the test that suits them best. It’s important to note that NMBI does not accept clubbing, so each sub-test must meet the minimum score.

Conclusion: A Journey to NMBI Registration

Acquiring NMBI registration is a significant milestone for nurses aspiring to work in Ireland. Your meticulous attention to detail, adherence to instructions, and patience are your allies in this journey.

If you need any assistance for doing NMBI Processing ,please do not hesitate to contact through nursing manthra Whatsapp number-+971502515717

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