NMBI Registration Process for Nurses in Ireland

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Ireland, a picturesque island in the North Atlantic, boasts a vibrant healthcare sector known for its high standards and commitment to quality patient care. For nurses aspiring to work in the heart of this healthcare haven, acquiring NMBI registration is a crucial step. In this guide, we’ll delve into the NMBI registration process for overseas-trained nurses.

Key Points to Note:

  • Language Proficiency: NMBI requires proficiency in English, and candidates must demonstrate this through the IELTS or OET exams.
  • NMBI Address: It’s advisable to provide an Irish address for quicker communication and document receipt.
  • Additional Documents: NMBI may request additional documents to validate name changes or discrepancies between documents.

Step 1: Language Proficiency

Before diving into the NMBI registration process, candidates must meet the language proficiency requirements. The accepted language tests are IELTS and OET, with specific score criteria:


  • Listening: 6.5
  • Reading: 6.5
  • Writing: 7
  • Speaking: 7


  • Listening: C+
  • Reading: C+
  • Writing: B
  • Speaking: B

Both IELTS and OET are recognized by NMBI, and candidates can choose the test that suits them best. It’s important to note that NMBI does not accept clubbing, so each sub-test must meet the minimum score.

Step 2: Acquiring the NMBI Application Pack

Once you’ve cleared the language proficiency requirements, the next step is to obtain the NMBI application pack. Here are some essential tips for this stage:

  • Use an Irish Address: To expedite the process, provide an Irish address for document delivery. It doesn’t have to be an agent; a friend or relative will suffice.
  • Scanned Copies: Request the recipient in Ireland to scan the received documents and email them to you promptly. Scanned copies are acceptable for NMBI.

Step 3: Completing Section I of the Application Pack

Section I of the application pack should be filled out by the candidate. It’s essential to understand the requirements and instructions for this section:

  • Birth Certificate Not Required: Contrary to common belief, NMBI does not require a birth certificate as long as you have a valid passport, which serves as the primary identification document.
  • Additional Documentation for Name Changes: Additional documentation is only required if your name differs from your passport on your educational documents or birth certificate. In most cases, this is not necessary.
  • Transcript and Principal’s Attestation: The education section involves providing a summary of your education. This form should be filled out by the principal or their representative, who needs to copy the transcript onto the provided format. It’s wise to attach the original transcript for clarity.
  • Block Letters and Signatures: Ensure that the form is filled in block letters, and all signatures and stamps are correct.

Step 4: Section II – Verification and Documentation

Section II of the application pack involves the verification and submission of documents to NMBI. This section includes:

  1. Summary of Education: This part should be completed by your college or school. They must copy the transcript onto the provided format and attach it with the original transcript.
  2. Verification (CCPS) Form: Council verification processes vary by council. Some may require direct application, while others offer online or agency options. Check with your respective council for guidance.
  3. Employer Reference Form: This is a straightforward form that your current employer should complete. Be polite and cooperative, especially if there are discrepancies in your previous name.
  4. Graduate Programme Form: For MSC nurses, this form is applicable. Some candidates have also used it for PBBSN successfully.

Step 5: Sending Documents to NMBI

Ensure that all the forms and documents in Section II are sent directly to NMBI. Some institutions may charge a nominal fee for this service. It’s advisable to use local courier services for cost-effectiveness and online tracking.

The Waiting Game: Tracking and Patience

After submitting your documents, you’ll enter a phase of waiting and tracking progress on the NMBI portal. Patience is key during this period. It may take time for your documents to be processed and verified.

Positive Decision and the Next Steps

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a positive decision from NMBI. At this stage, your address in Ireland becomes crucial as your Decision Letter (DL) will be mailed there.

Conclusion: A Journey to NMBI Registration

Acquiring NMBI registration is a significant milestone for nurses aspiring to work in Ireland. Your meticulous attention to detail, adherence to instructions, and patience are your allies in this journey. Remember to follow the latest guidelines on the NMBI website and seek assistance from relevant forums and groups.

May this guide serve as a valuable resource for aspiring nurses on their path to fulfilling careers in Ireland’s healthcare sector.

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