License process for an Anesthesia Technician

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Acquiring a license as an Anesthesia Technician in the United Arab Emirates involves a systematic procedure that ensures the competence and qualifications of individuals in this crucial healthcare role. The process consists of several steps, including Dataflow verification of documents and the CBT (Computer-Based Test) exam, applicable across the nation.

Step 1: Dataflow Verification

  1. Sign up for a UAE licensing account and obtain a unique ID after verifying eligibility.
  2. Register for Dataflow verification and attach the signed Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  3. Complete the dataflow process for your education certificates, licenses, and work experience. The dataflow fee is approximately 1000 AED, and any additional documents will incur an extra charge of 310 AED.
  4. Make the payment through credit card. The standard processing time is around 35 to 40 days. For urgent processing, an additional fee of 500 AED applies. Note that there might be delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as the Covid-19 outbreak.
  5. Inform your employer about the verification process, so they are aware of potential communication from the authorities.
  6. Providing fake documents will lead to severe consequences and rejection of the application. Always ensure to submit genuine and authentic documents.
  7. It is advisable to have at least two years of experience from one institution after completing your graduation.
  8. You can check your application status by using the Dataflow case number and passport details on the official website (
  9. Keep an eye on your emails for Dataflow alerts, as you may be asked to provide additional documents or your employer’s contact information.

Step 2: CBT Assessment

  1. The CBT exam can be attended without completing the Dataflow process; however, it is recommended to start Dataflow verification first.
  2. Obtain your eligibility number from the Prometric website by using your UAE unique ID.
  3. Schedule the exam and select your preferred location based on the availability of exam dates.
  4. Pay the exam fee and retain a copy of your application details.
  5. Ensure that your name on the exam registration matches the name on your passport to avoid any issues during the exam. No refunds will be provided for incorrect names.
  6. Take the exam, and results will be available within three days on your UAE licensing application. You have three attempts to pass the exam. In case of failure, you must rebook the exam and pay the same fee (approximately 950 AED).

Step 3: Getting Eligibility Letter

  1. Submit your application for the eligibility letter, along with the required documents, including a good standing certificate.
  2. Pay the eligibility fee, which is around 228 AED.
  3. If all requirements are met, the authorities will issue the eligibility letter.

Step 4: Finding a Job and Obtaining the License

  1. Once you receive the eligibility letter, start looking for a job in the country.
  2. Once you secure a job, your employer will facilitate the next steps for obtaining the license, including the necessary payments.

Required Documents for Anesthesia Technician Licensing:

The licensing process for Anesthesia Technicians in the United Arab Emirates ensures the quality and credibility of healthcare professionals in this vital field. By following the outlined steps and providing accurate documentation, aspiring Anesthesia Technicians can pave their way towards a successful and rewarding career in the nation’s healthcare industry. For any inquiries or assistance with the licensing process, feel free to reach out for guidance and support.

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