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Recently, we have been receiving numerous queries about dataflow discrepancies, causing concern for many applicants. Some individuals have faced negative dataflow reports due to their past association with blacklisted hospitals, while others have been affected by unaffiliated educational organizations offering paramedical courses.

To resolve dataflow negative reports, applicants are advised to provide their PF statement and bank salary transaction proof, which can validate their employment. The PF statement is a reliable proof of employment as organizations in India with 20 or more staff are required by law to enroll employees with the Employee Provident Fund Organization. Bank certificates confirming salary transfers from the hospital to the applicant’s bank account during the claimed employment period also serve as evidence.

A negative dataflow report can have serious consequences for one’s career, as it can lead to a lifelong ban unless rectified. Even after a positive report, the old discrepancy may still be attached to future applications. An appeal process is available within six months of receiving the dataflow certificate for those who believe they can clear the discrepancy and prove their genuineness.

As a fresh graduate, it is essential to be cautious about working in blacklisted hospitals or clinics. Nursingmanthra advises choosing hospitals that can provide PF statements and bank salary transfers to have proof of employment, even if the hospital gets blacklisted later.

For those who genuinely worked in blacklisted hospitals without proper documentation, there is no immediate solution to prove their genuineness. Knowing the list of blacklisted hospitals and educational organizations can be helpful in avoiding such situations, but this information may not be openly shared due to certain constraints.

Overall, it is crucial to be vigilant about the institutions and hospitals one associates with to avoid potential dataflow discrepancies and ensure a smooth career in the healthcare field.

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  1. preethi p

    I have given duplicate experience certificate for dataflow. Definitely I will cought. What problem will I face

    • Nursing Manthra

      Once you get negative data flow , you cant get licensed in gulf countries.
      kindly contact through WhatsApp link given in the site for query. Thank you

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