Transfer of NCLEX RN Score from AHPRA-Australia to USA or Canada:

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Steps to follow:

  • check the specific requirements of the nursing board in the USA or Canada where you wish to transfer your nclex scores
  • You have to draft a formal letter to AHPRA, requesting teh transfer of yoru NCLEX scores to teh nursing board where you wish to get transfered.
  • You will get a NCLEX pass result statement from AHPRA
  • With is score statement from AHPRA , attach docuemnt from NCSBN pass result score sheet
  • Prepare all additional docuemnts required based on yoru nursing baord , like educational docuemnts, license details and experience details
  • Each nursing baord have specific requirement to issue nursing registration -like finger printing, CGFNS/WES ceredntail evaluation services .
  • Some nursing regulatory body requires , language requirement liek IELTS

IF you wish to proceed with license transfer process, please contact nursingmanthra through whatsapp number


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