Transfer of NCLEX RN Score from AHPRA-Australia to USA or Canada:

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NCLEX score transfer process allows candidates who have passed the NCLEX, but are not yet licensed in the AHPRA that made them eligible, to transfer their score to another jurisdiction via NCSBN.
NCSBN will contact the desired jurisdiction of licensure to confirm acceptance of the score transfer.

Upon approval, NCSBN will work with Pearson VUE to transfer the candidate’s NCLEX record, in NCLEX Administration, and confirm the successful score transfer to both jurisdictions.

Application process:

  1. check the specific requirements of the nursing board in the USA or Canada where you wish to transfer your nclex scores.
  2. Fill out application to transfer a NCLEX RN score -from AHPRA site -enter all details and payment with credit or debit card details of 250 Dollors.
  3. Request letter to transfer score from AHPRA to another board
  4. notary attested certificates as mentioned in site.
  5. You will get a NCLEX pass result statement from AHPRA.
  6. With this score statement from AHPRA , attach document from NCSBN pass result score sheet
  7. Prepare all additional documents required based on your nursing board , like educational documents, license details and experience details
  8. Each nursing board have specific requirement to issue nursing registration -like finger printing, CGFNS/WES credential evaluation services .Some nursing regulatory body requires , language requirement like IELTS.

After submitting the documents in ahpra , we have to wait for at least 6 weeks to get an update about the process. Usually the score transfer process duration from ahpra takes 6 weeks . Ahpra will submit a request letter to ncsbn to transfer nclex score to usa boards.

These documents must be verified through cgfns.

Documents Required:

  1. notary attested passport copy
  2. candidate ncsbn report
  3. nclex exam score sheet
  4. Application form
  5. Request letter
  6. all education related documents including transcript
  7. All license
  8. All experiences
  9. CGFNS report
  10. Passport size photo with white background

Nursing manthra delivers all services at reasonable price to meet your needs. For further information and assistance for score transfer process , contact us through our WhatsApp number——–+971502515717

Wishing you all the best,

Shincy George

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