HCPC UK Registration process for Paramedical professionals:

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What is HCPC? – Health and Care Professions Council UK.

Which professions come under HCPC?

1.Arts therapists
2.Biomedical scientists
3.Chiropodists / podiatrists
4.Clinical scientists
6.Hearing aid dispensers
7.Occupational therapists
8.Operating department practitioners
12.Practitioner psychologist
13.Prosthetists / orthotists
15.Speech and language therapists

Updated standards for each of the 15 professions we regulate came into effect on 1 September 2023

website : hcpc-uk.org


1. HCPC  international application form

2. course information form (HCPC) with name of registrar and stamp– If you hold more than one qualification that enabled you to first practice, please complete a separate course information form for each. You can see a model of the course information form.

3. English proficiency letter from school –  depends on case to case accepting without ielts also.

(IELTS test report if you have )

4. good standing from your licensing council

5. transcript of records

6. Diploma/degree certificate-attested

7. License registration

8. Passport copy-attested

9. Police clearance at later stage

10. Internship certificates if you have  -attested

11. Recommendation letters

12. Certificates of employment-attested-at least  6month internship will count as experience is minimum experience.

13. Proof of billing (utilities)-for address details—bank account book shows address proof or utility bill etc.

14. proof of name change if any -attested

All documents must be attested by an attorney or notary.

How to certify a document

  1. Take a photocopy of your original document, or scan and print it (this is to preserve and protect the original)
  2. Show the original document to the person who is certifying it
  3. Ask the person certifying the document to write on the copy with the following:
    The statement “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document seen by me”
    Their signature and the date
    Their name, professional title and their contact telephone number or email address
  4. Scan the certified copy, so that you have a digital file (PDF, JPG or PNG)
  5. Upload this file to your application

Issues uploading documents  [email protected]

Application steps:

  1. Arrange all necessary documents
  2. Complete course information form from your college
  3. Attest the certificates
  4. Make sure you have enough balance in your account to make application fees
  5. Go to hcpc website-clickon getting on register-international applications-downlaod forms and read complete instructions
  6. Click on your profession and go through details
  7. Make an international applications-fill all sections like personal information, upload necessary documents.
  8. section b-fill education details-course form and education document. All documents related to your education you can upload like transcript, marksheet, Course completion like that.
  9. section c-experience s including internship,-most recent one first .make sure employer proper contact details are there in the document. If you have recommendation letter for same experience please upload that also.]
  10. section 4—registration or license details enter here. It is compulsory that you must have a license to practice the profession in your country. Those who didn’t register to nay valid councils until now , you must do registrations.
  11. section 5-english language proficiency-IELTS or TOEFL report if you have you can send that. If you don’t have attach the medium of instruction English certificate. It completely depends on case to case. Some time they will reject , sometimes they will accept. If you got rejected, you must submit proficiency test score reports later.
  12. section 6-paying your scrutiny fee-enter mail id to receive payment link- fees around scrutiny fee—Great british pound- GBP 539.65 .it is around 2600 aed . In INR-around 58000 inr.

waiting time –upto 12 weeks

Outcome of applications:

Further information request

If they cannot reach a decision based on the information in your application, they may ask you to provide further information. If they do so, they will write to you explaining what information is required and the date by which you must provide it. they do this only in justified cases and it is in your interest to provide all relevant information when you first submit your application.

Test of competence

If after reviewing your application and any further information submitted there are still standards of proficiency outstanding, depending on the number of standards, they may invite you to undertake a test of competence. they will contact you with a date and time for the test and tell you more about the format of the test of competence. This will be a pass or fail. The test will normally be carried out virtually using Microsoft Teams

Successful applications

If they are satisfied that your education, training and experience meet the HCPC’s standards of proficiency and that you meet the other requirements for registration, they will contact you to complete the registration process by paying the registration fee. To do this, you’ll need to set up and activate your online account. 

Unsuccessful applications

If they decide that, after assessment and any other test that they  may require you to take, you are not able to meet the standards of proficiency, they will refuse admission to the Register.

If you are an international applicant and your application is unsuccessful, you may be able to appeal the decision.

Inform your college , employer regarding verification checks.

Application outcome

If your application is approved, you’ll receive an email confirming this. The email will also invite you to activate and set up your online account, through which you can pay your registration fee. Please allow up to three days for your payment to reach our account – payment processing speeds can differ depending on your bank.

You need to renew your registration every two years to stay on the Register.

Finally you can search an employer either private or government (nhs). NHS-government sector-offers maximum number of visas for health care professionals. NHS prefer 6month to 1 year of experience.

This is all about the HCPC registration process for allied health professionals.

If you need assistance with the registration process or filling out the course information form, kindly contact us through our WhatsApp Number displayed in the description below.

Thank you.

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