Prometric Exam centre-UAE- Update 2024 April 20th

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“Hi, everyone! Today, I’m here to share an important information about Prometric exam centers in Dubai. As you know, due to heavy rainfall, UAE is facing various issues, especially traffic jams.

Two candidates were unable to reach the Prometric center today and couldn’t attend the exam. As of today’s update, the metro is only available up to Business Bay.

After that, you have to hire a taxi. If you arrive at the Business Bay metro station in the morning, you’ll be able to reach the exam center via taxi on time.

However, candidates scheduled for the afternoon session were unable to reach the center due to heavy traffic, as taxis were not going to the exam center in Knowledge Village. I’m sharing this video to raise awareness because candidates booked for exams in Dubai should start their journey early in the morning to avoid last-minute rush.

One candidate arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled time, and they reduced 30 minutes from her exam time. So, prepare well for the exam, whether it’s in the afternoon or evening, by starting your journey in the morning.

This way, you can also study after reaching there. Make sure to have some snacks and drinks with you for emergencies. Thank you all.”

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