Physicians Licensure Requirements

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  1. Graduation from Recognized Allopathic Medical Schools (4.1.1):
    • Physicians must graduate from formally recognized allopathic Medical Schools or College of Medicine.
    • Accreditation by the issuing authority of the country is required.
  2. Accreditation for UAE Graduates (4.1.2):
    • For graduates from the UAE, the program and university must be accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE/NQA).
  3. Specialization for Osteopathy Graduates (4.1.3):
    • Osteopathy graduates can apply for licensure as specialists or consultants if they obtain specialization from specific recognized organizations:
      • American Board of Medical Specialties (if accredited by ACGME)
      • Certificates of Specializations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  4. Internship Requirement (4.1.4):
    • Physicians are required to successfully complete a one-year (12 months) internship post-graduation.
  5. Valid License/Registration (4.1.5):
    • Applicants must hold a valid License/Registration to practice in their home country and/or the country of their last employment, where applicable.
  6. Acceptable Specialties for General Practitioner Title (4.1.6):
    • Experience in specific specialties is accepted when applying for the General Practitioner title. These specialties include Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics.
  7. Sub-specialty Clinical Experience (4.1.7):
    • Sub-specialty clinical experience may be accepted upon application and fulfillment of basic specialty requirements.
  8. Residency Programs (4.1.8):
    • Applicants accepted into approved residency programs will be granted the licensure title as a “Resident.”
  9. Recognized Medical Specialty Qualifications (4.1.9):
    • Recognized medical specialty qualifications listed in the document will be accepted after completing a full-time program for a minimum of three (3) years. This includes Clinical Residency programs, Clinical Master’s degrees, and Clinical PhDs.
  10. Evaluation of Non-Listed Qualifications (4.1.10):
    • Qualifications not listed in the document may be evaluated and reviewed by the PQR Committee, provided they meet the specified criteria.
  11. Experience Exemption for Recent Qualifications (4.1.11):
    • Specialists with Tier 1 or 2 qualifications are not required to have post-qualification experience in the specialty field if the qualification was obtained within the recent two (2) years.
  12. Acceptance of Sub-specialty Qualifications (4.1.12):
    • Sub-specialty qualifications obtained after obtaining the main specialty degree will be accepted if issued by a country listed in the document.
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