Mistake that should never be made in Prometric Exam booking (DHA/MOH/HAAD/SAUDI)

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Here is some valuable information and tips for healthcare professionals who wish to book Prometric exams for various authorities like DHA, MOH, HAAD, SCFHS, and others. It’s crucial for applicants to be vigilant and avoid making mistakes that could lead to complications or extra expenses. Here are the key points to consider when booking Prometric exams:

  1. Name and Date of Birth: Ensure that the name and date of birth entered in the Prometric application match the details on your passport to avoid any discrepancies.
  2. Exam Title: Choose the correct exam title based on your qualification (e.g., assistant nurse for diploma applicants and registered nurse for BSN/MSN applicants). Verify this information with the booking agent to prevent taking the wrong exam and facing rejection during the eligibility process.
  3. Personal Email Access: Use your personal email or ensure that you have access to the email provided by the booking agent. This is important because Prometric-related communications will be sent to that email address, such as exam rescheduling or cancellation information.
  4. Avoid Multiple Accounts: Try to book exams using a single unique ID to prevent confusion or complications. Having multiple accounts for dataflow and exam booking may lead to issues.
  5. Result and Attempt Limit: Be aware of the result turnaround time, as most Prometric exams’ results are available within 72 hours. Also, check the attempt limit for your specific authority; typically, UAE authorities allow 3 attempts, while some other countries may permit up to 4 chances.
  6. Exam Rescheduling and Cancellation: Familiarize yourself with the rescheduling and cancellation policies for your exam. Understand the rescheduling fee and the required notice period for rescheduling or canceling an exam. In some cases, canceling or rescheduling well in advance may result in a full refund.

Following these guidelines will help healthcare professionals avoid common mistakes during the Prometric exam booking process and have a smooth experience while preparing for their licensing exams. Good luck to all the applicants, and if they need assistance or guidance, you can reach out to Nursing Manthra through WhatsApp for support.

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