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As we all know, having a valid home country registration is mandatory for medical professionals seeking a practice license in the UAE. Typically, this registration is done through concerned authorities like dental councils and nursing councils. However, it’s essential to note that paramedical professionals face unique challenges, as not all states have active paramedical boards. For example, states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka lack a paramedical council.

Consequently, the paramedical diploma courses offered by many reputed colleges and institutions in such states may not be valid for practice in Gulf countries. This piece of information is vital for candidates planning to move to the Gulf and pursue their profession. Only a limited number of boards are recognized by Gulf countries, and it’s crucial to be well-informed about this.

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Here is a list of institutions whose courses are no longer valid for practice in the Gulf:

  1. Bharath Sevak Samaj (BSS)
  2. Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) – Diploma courses not affiliated (except degree courses)
  3. National Council for Professional Education Mission
  4. Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies – Education not valid
  5. Paramedical Council Punjab – Diploma MLT and degree MLT not affiliated
  6. Periyar University – Distance education (Tamil Nadu)
  7. Human Resource Development Society – Paramedical courses not valid
  8. Skill Development Council
  9. All Distance Education not valid
  10. Kasturba Paramedical and Skill Centre Haripad
  11. Jain University
  12. NFSA Academy – Post Graduate Professional Diploma in Beauty Therapist Master Esthetician Training (Tamil Nadu)
  13. UHCS Paramedical Council – Maharashtra
  14. Society for Emergency Medicine Telangana
  15. National Council for Vocational and Research Training
  16. Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies
  17. Medwin Institute of Medical Sciences – CSSD course (Andhra Pradesh)
  18. Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health Sciences Rohtak – Haryana
  19. Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies
  20. Middle East University FZE – UAE
  21. Indian Christian Paramedical Council

As healthcare professionals ourselves and documents clearance agents for healthcare professionals in the UAE, we have gathered this information from our own experiences with numerous candidates who encountered difficulties while pursuing careers in Gulf countries. Many of these institutions are directly blacklisted by the UAE Ministry of Health authority, which means that even if your dataflow results are positive, there is still a chance of rejection by the authorities.

If you are planning to study any paramedical courses and move to Gulf countries, please ensure that the courses are from a valid institution recognized by the concerned paramedical boards in any state of India, where you can obtain proper registration. To verify this, inquire about the certifying authority of your course from the college where you are studying. Alternatively, you can contact the paramedical board of the state where you are studying the course and make an inquiry. If there is no paramedical board in your state, you may consider making inquiries with the Paramedical Council of India.

We share this information to empower you to make informed decisions about your career. For those already studying these courses, we understand that revision may not be possible, but we hope this content will be helpful for beginners. Please share this valuable information with your colleagues, and if you need further clarifications, feel free to contact Nursing Manthra through WhatsApp at the displayed number.

Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to providing more valuable content in the future. Feel free to explore our YouTube channel for more updates and information.

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