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This blog will be helpful for those who completed MBBS from other countries other than your home country and you are unable to continue there for internship. For all of you have a chance to practice here in UAE as an internshiptrainee.
The Medical Education Section and Scientific Research administers Internship Programs for the internship in General Medicine twice a year.
1- At the end of February of each year
2- The end of August of each year.

Registration begins during the month of November for the first program, and during the month of June for the second program of each year through the authority’s website and is not opened except during the announced registration period.
Graduates of internationally recognized colleges are accepted for registration of different nationalities, and no application from any doctor that exceeds two years from the date of passing the final exams is accepted.

The duration of training for internship at the Dubai Health Authority is one year, distributed as

  • Medical departments 6 months (two months of general medicine, one month of pediatrics, one month of psychiatry, one month of primary health care and one month of electives).
  • Surgical departments for 6 months (two months for general surgery, two months for obstetrics/gynecology, one month for accidents/emergency and one month for electives).

The internship doctor works in the different departments under the supervision of the responsible consultants in each department.
The hospital does not provide any accommodation and lodging arrangement for internship students who are enrolled .
Applications for acceptance to the Internship scheme

The following registration steps are carried out during the announced registration period only:

In dha website signup and go to e services and select residency and internship programmes. Do registration management and select internship
Attach all required information’s and documents and submit application.
Make payment and get reference number
No other form of application will be accepted. No applications will be accepted at a later date.

The following are required to be ready for the registration period by applicant:

1.Degree certificate and if not ready a stamped note from the medical college to state clearly he/she passed all your final examinations can be submitted along with a promise letter by the applicant to submit the certification before the start of the programme in the hospitals. 
-The certificate has to be attested from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Embassy of UAE where he/she studied (If you left the country where studied you can reach to their Embassy in your country) and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE (in UAE).

  1. You will be requested to provide the following during the registration:
    oa. GPA step 1: (request the college to make it ready) we follow the grading toward 4 and 5 to be considered as higher -if the applicant college system is opposite means 1 is higher then applicant should not enter the GPA (should skip this step and enter the overall mark over 100 in the next step or if an applicant can get from their college an official document to state the conversion of the GPA into 4 and 5 to be higher than this can be entered under the GPA step along with uploading the college document stating this.
    ob. If the GPA is not available skip step 1 and go to next step 2 where you can provide your overall (over 100).
    oc. If both step 1 and 2 not available applicant will have option to put the final marks of Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Obst/Gyn and you can during registration skip 1st step (GPA) and 2nd step (overall mark over 100) and enter these 4 major subjects over 100 separately in step 3.
  2. Passport copy for the applicant (a copy of Kholasat Al Qayd for UAE nationals).
  3. A Dhs. 230/- fees for processing the application.
  4. Updated resume
  5. Emirates ID If it is not ready he/she can upload his/her current ID instead along with a promise letter to make it ready if accepted during the recruitment procedures. Failure to do this the HR officer will not be able to access the system to issue his/her medical checkup therefore he/she will be delayed from starting the training with others and the seat can be cancelled.
    Kindly note the Emirates ID will require the visa to be ready.
    If an applicant is selected for internship training a valid visa for at least a year is required before he/she will be allowed to start his/her internship programme. This has to be arranged by the candidate and to be ready before the starting date of the programme.
    The accepted applicants during the recruitment he/she will be requested to submit a deposit cheque of Dhs. 5000/- addressed to “Dubai Health Authority” without date (open); this will be refundable at the end of completing at least of 6 months of internship training. It will not be refundable if offered a place and he/she did not turn up to start with others at the beginning of the rotation or leave the internship training before completing 6 months of internship training.
    The Dubai Health Authority does not make any arrangement for housing.
    The training will be carried out in the DHA Hospitals; Dubai, Rashid, Latifa Hospitals and associated PHC clinics.
    For Medical Internship related queries, please contact
    [email protected]

if you need any assistance for the application process , you can contact nursingmanthra at any time through WhatsApp by sending a voice note on your query.
Thank you.


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