How to become a Nurse in Canada(NNAS process):

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Nursing field in Canada is blooming and required more nurses in Canada. So many nurses are trying to go to Canada, In this blog we are going to discuss regarding application process.

Steps of application process:

  1. NNAS-National nursing Assessment Services Registration. create an account with NNAS: Choose your province and type of application like CRN,LPN or both . Make payment after filling details. Documents should be notarized by a government official.
  2. Send all verification forms to NNAS :Download 3 forms . -Nursing education forms, Nursing registration form, Nursing experience form.-fill form from authorities and sent to NNAS. Once you complete file ,NNAS will evaluate and give access. Recieve NNAS advisory report .Apply to CNO, which contains your evaluation. There should not be more than 3 year experience gap. Options to fill gap-Can work in hospital or clinic for minimum 400 hours. Ticket entry exist, 2 month experience certificate you can submit.(This option for those who are in Canada). Always better to have experience. Any health care setting job is fine either clinic or hospital.
  3. Select Province -Regulatory board -NNAS will send report after meeting Canadian standards of our credentials.
  4. You will get Decision to meet competency if required. CNO will decide whether needed to do any course. If only 10 -12 competency only to meet up , some times CAS -competency assessment supplementation–you can write and send to CNO. They will consider it and can move to forward. If more than 50 Competency assessment, tehy may say to do practical.
  5. Register in CNO site based on your nursing regulatory body. Register for RPN or RN.
  6. Within 1 month we will get mail like NNAS send report and if needed extra documents. If any additional experience , you can attach that also.
  7. Get eligibility to write CPNRE and NCLEX exam. Clear IELTS and NCLEX
  8. get licensed as Registered nurse.

Nursing in Canada:

Types of Licensing Title for Nurses in Canada:

-Registered Nurses(RN)

-Registered/Licensed Practical nurse(LPN/RPN)

-Registered Psychiatric nurses

Role of NNAS:

-Receive and store all documents submitted by IENS.

-Ensure they are real.

-Make sure that meet Canadian Standards.

-Certify that each nurse’s file has all of teh documents needed before they are sent to Canadian Nursing regulatory bodies.

Documents Required:

  1. 2 forms of identification directly to NNAS. It must be notarized, copied of original documents (signed, dates and stamped) complete with your signature.
  2. Outside of Canada, notarized copies must be prepared by a government approved official
  3. Nursing education form -Download and print and sent for verification to your college. From your college or school it should be directly sent to NNAs by mail or courier, along with copies of your academic records/transcript , nursing programme curriculum/syllabus, course description, course syllabus.
  4. Nursing registration form -Nursing councils -Sent to NNAs
  5. Nursing practice/employment form: Download and print this form from your online account. Print , sign , date and sent this form to all employers you have worked for in teh past 5 years. The current year represents year one. Then each must be completed by each employer and sent directly to NNAS directly from your school officials by mail or courier.
  6. Language testing Results: If your first language is not English or French, you will need to complete language testing and have results sent directly to NNAS from your approved language testing agency, you are required to meet minimum test scores. The testing must be current , and the successful results must be no older than 6 months at teh time you apply to NNAS.


IELTS: S-7, L-7.5, R-6.5, W-7 Over all 7 (Academic).

Alternate wise we can do, if you get less score in IELTS , after reaching to Canada, some language courses are available in Canada.

CELBAN-Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses.

S-8, L-10, R-8, W-7.

Fees for NNAS:

Main application order-650$

You must select 1 nursing group and 1 province for the advisory report. It will be active up to 12 months from the date and paid application is submitted.

It expires if all required documents are not received by NNAS with in that time.

Purchase advisory report for another province if you wish to purchase-55 $

Reactivate a main application order with in 12 months . This can be done only once.

Over all process duration -up to 12months

English test needed or not ?-that depends on the province.

Salary Ranges in Canada:

Before tax cutting.

For Registered nurses- 40-50 CAD/hour.

Registered Practical Nurse-35-40 CAD/hour.

After migrating to Canada what is next step?

PSW-Personal supportive Worker Jobs.

If you have nursing certificate , you can show your certificate and apply for PSW jobs. Because for getting Registered nurse almost it will take 2 -3 years. Mean while you cna work as PSW. If your employer gives you a letter, english proficiency will be waive off. You can search for another jobs if you didn’t get PSW jobs. Don’t waste time , immediately join for job. Because forgetting RN license , there is so much of expenditure. So we have to meet it. We can work more than one facility.

Nursing Study in Canada:

After 12th grade, those who have good grade can apply for nursing.

Registered Practical Nurse study in Canada-20-30Lakhs Indian rupees expense-2 year course in Canada. After study , will get license automatically after final examination.

Other courses nurses can Select:

After Diploma or Bsc nursing in India , there is 1 year diploma courses in specialization in critical care, geriatric care etc. You will get job immediately and salary ranges also will be there. During these 2 year study you can apply for RN registration.

If you need assistance for license application process to Canada, Kindly contact us through our Whatsapp.

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