Benefits of Study Nursing in New Zealand:

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  1. Time saving . In India BSc Nursing course si for 4 year, after completing exma we will get degree in 5th year. Then after that minimum 2 year experience , then have to write IELTS or OET and all other process. Over all need 6-7 years to secure a job in Aborad. But if studying nursing degree in New Zealand , it is for only 3 year course.
  2. Maximum age limit not there in New Zealand. Any person can come and study.
  3. IELTS/OET-Less score needed for students.
  4. During studies can work as part time. Weekly 20 hours can work. And during holidays 40 hours can work.
  5. Student visa-even partenr can work. Dependent children also can bring. After 6 year for the child ,will get student visa adn can study.
  6. career advancement: Employer will support with fund for higher studies(free). You must seek extra time for studies.
  7. Develop english language and learn New Zealand culture.
  8. can work in a variety of settings if studying in New Zealand, liek hospitals , rest homes, age care centres, demential care homes, school clinic, GP clinic, district nursing ,cosmetic liek taht somany areas can work.
  9. From New Zealand can migrate to Australia easily , if you need.


A huge amount needed and bank loan has to take.

After study , 3 year work vis will get. This time you cna finish all your loans taken for studies.

How to become a Nurse in Canada(NNAS process):
Verification and attestation of degree adn marks card from RGUHS for education equivalency process and other purposes:

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