How to apply for Trainee Pharmacist in UAE:  (Dubai Health Authority)

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Here’s a summary of the steps and requirements you’ve outlined:


  1. Pharmacy graduates with less than 2 years of experience.
  2. Having a residence visa in the UAE.
  3. Being accepted as a trainee by an approved facility.
  4. Positive data flow report.
  5. Approval from the regulator.


  1. Filling the gap in practical experience.
  2. Exposure to the working atmosphere in the UAE.
  3. On-the-job training.
  4. Being paid for the work.

Process Steps:

  1. Sign up on DHA Sheryan account.
  2. Go to health care professional licensing.
  3. Complete self-assessment.
  4. If eligible, you can be a trainee pharmacist.
  5. If not eligible, apply for manual review (cost: 220 AED).
  6. Undergo data flow verification for your degree/diploma and license.
  7. Take the CBT assessment for trainee pharmacist.
  8. Apply for an eligibility letter (cost: 220 AED).
  9. Use the eligibility letter to activate the license in private pharmacies (cost: more than 1000 AED).
  10. Train as a clinical pharmacist in hospitals like American Hospital, Burjeel Hospital, Zahra Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, etc.
  11. Each pharmacy has its own protocols for selecting trainee pharmacists.

Documents Required:

  1. B.Pharm certificate and mark sheet.
  2. Pharmacist Registration certificate from the pharmacy council.
  3. Good standing certificate from the pharmacy council.
  4. Passport copy.
  5. Passport-size photo.
  6. Experience certificate (if applicable).
  7. Data flow report.
  8. Trainee acceptance letter from the pharmacy.

Duties as a Trainee Pharmacist:

  1. Learn about all products and basics.
  2. Develop customer dealing skills.
  3. Learn about gym products, vitamin supplements, and OTC medicines.
  4. Follow the agency’s protocols and avoid providing information about medicine (this is the responsibility of the pharmacist).
  5. After 6 months of training, gradually learn about insurance dealings with pharmacy bills.
  6. Wear the provided trainee badge every day.
  7. Duty timing is as per the company’s choice.

Application Process in Some Pharmacies (e.g., Life Pharmacy):

  1. Go to the career portal.
  2. Apply for the position of the health care role and fill up the form.
  3. UAE residency/permit/visa is usually required.
  4. Attend interviews, and if selected, receive an offer letter.
  5. Some companies may offer a probation period (3 months) without salary before issuing the offer letter.
  6. Salary expectations are around 2000 AED to 2500 AED.
  7. After receiving the offer letter, request the trainee acceptance letter and apply in DHA.
  8. Once approved by DHA, the facility will activate your license.
  9. Your experience duration starts only after license activation in DHA.
  10. After completing 2 years of experience in that pharmacy, you can write the pharmacist exam in DH.
  11. Take a 2-year experience letter from the company, do data flow, and apply for pharmacist eligibility after passing the exam.

Please note that this information is based on what you’ve provided, and it’s essential to verify the details with official sources as processes and requirements may change over time.

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