Healthcare Professionals Licensure Application in Mumaris – Saudi Arabia

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This blog provides information on how to become a registered healthcare professional in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It outlines the application process, steps, and the amount required for the whole process.

Please watch the video for more details:

Steps of the Process:

  1. Dataflow Verification of Documents (PSV)
  2. Mumaris Professional Registration
  3. Professional Classification
  4. Prometric Exam after Obtaining Eligibility ID
  5. Activation of License by Employer after Receiving Offer Letter from Saudi Arabia

Documents Required for Mumaris Registration:

  1. Educational documents – Diploma/Degree/Specialization – Convocation certificates
  2. Mark list of the whole year of study and transcript of study (If you don’t have a transcript, mark list is acceptable)
  3. Health license registration certificate from the home country and the last working country (if applicable). The license registration should be valid. If it is expired, renew it and submit both documents.
  4. Employment certificate signed by the hospital director or Human Resource manager. Please provide a contact email address and phone number in the experience certificate for the data flow team to contact the employer.
  5. Higher secondary certificate
  6. Passport (International)
  7. Passport size photograph
  8. Resume
  9. Good conduct certificate (if applicable)
  10. Basic life support certificate (if applicable)

Fees for Mumaris SCFHS Application Process:

  1. Dataflow Verification – Primary source verification fee: Completely depends on the number of documents to be verified. Normal amount is 1100 SAR. If you have any additional document, it costs 310 SAR for each document.
  2. Mumaris Registration – Professional registration fee: 200 SAR
  3. Prometric Exam booking fee: 289 USD
  4. Professional Classification hyper pay license fee: 200 SAR

These are the fees for nurses. There may be slight differences in the fees for doctors and allied healthcare professionals.

If you wish to proceed with the Saudi licensure process, including dataflow, exam, and study materials, please contact me on WhatsApp. Please feel free to reach out to me for any further assistance or clarifications.

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