Become a nurse in USA -Simplified steps

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Eligibility criteria:

1 . BSc or Diploma in Nursing qualification

2. Minimum of 1 year recent experience as a registered staff nurse in acute care, preferably within a hospital setting with a minimum bed capacity of 80. 2 year experience is better.

3. Valid home country license from nursing council

4. Passport and passport size photo

Application steps:

  1. CGFNS -Credential Evaluation Service-Verification
  2. Board of nursing registration to particular board where you wish to register
  3. Biometric-finger printing
  4. Pass NCLEX examination
  5. Apply for license
  6. English proficiency test -IELTS overall 6.5 and speaking 7
  7. CGFNS Visa screening
  8. Employment interview and obtain an offer letter from employer
  9. Secure sponsorship for EB3/Immigrant visa/H1B cap exempt employment visa
  10. Attend immigrant visa interview and arrive in the USA.

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