Saudi Nurse Prometric Examination (SNLE)

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Saudi Nurse Prometric Examination (SNLE): A Comprehensive Guide

SNLE Registration Process:

Once your data flow verification with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) is complete, follow these steps for the SNLE:

  1. Submit your documents on the Mumaris Plus site.
  2. Pay the registration fee of 200 SAR, followed by the classification fee of 900 SAR.
  3. Upon verification of all documents, you’ll receive an exam eligibility code.
  4. Use this eligibility number to schedule the exam on the Prometric site.
  5. Pay the Prometric fee of 289 USD.

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Question Pattern:

  • Total Questions: 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Divided into 2 parts, each with 100 questions
  • 10% of questions are pilot questions
  • Each question has 4 options
  • Each correct answer scores 4 marks
  • Exam is for Nursing Specialists and Nursing Technicians
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes (2 hours) with a 30-minute break in between
  • Pass Mark: 500 out of 800

Exam Tips:

  • Start studying early
  • Utilize study materials
  • Focus on weak areas
  • Take breaks and rest between study sessions
  • It’s advisable to complete the exam in your home country before coming to Saudi, as busy work schedules may limit study time

Exam Topics Covered:

  • Nursing Fundamentals: 20%
  • Adult Nursing: 40%
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing: 30%
  • Unit Management and Leadership: 10%

Licensing Process and Validity:

  • Experience of at least 1 year as a registered nurse (RN) is required for SCFHS licensing.
  • Upon passing, you’ll receive a classification certificate valid for 1 year, allowing you to secure a job in Saudi.
  • If you don’t secure a job within the year, you might need to retake the exam.

Retakes and Exam Limit:

  • You can attempt the exam up to 3 times with the same eligibility number.
  • After three failures, a new eligibility is needed to restart the process.

Important Note:

  • Working without a license is allowed for a maximum of 6 months to 1 year.
  • This experience won’t be recognized elsewhere due to the absence of a license.
  • Employers might extend your stay without a license due to staff shortages, but this comes with legal consequences for both parties.

Exam Study Materials:


Wishing you the best of luck with your SNLE! Remember to follow the guidelines, study diligently, and make use of available resources for a successful examination. Thank you for considering Nursing Manthra as your trusted study partner.

Thank you,

Nursing Manthra Team

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      we can apply snle exam at prometric test centre only. Computer based test.

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