Professional Regulation Commission-PRC -Philippines-Good standing, Registration Renewal, Foreign Verification Process:

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Professional Regulation Commission-PRC -Philippines:


Renewal of Regsitration: Online process:


Registration Renewal process:

Application for renewal can be done through the PRC Online Services. Successful examinees will log on to After printing the application form, the applicant will proceed on the appointment date and place to submit requirements.

Renewal fee of professional identification card:

A. The renewal fees are the following: For professions requiring baccalaureate degree: ₱150.00 per year or total of ₱450.00 for three (3) years For professions requiring non-baccalaureate degree: ₱140.00 per year or total of ₱420.00 for three (3) years A surcharge of ₱30.00 (baccalaureate degree) and ₱28.00 (non- baccalaureate degree) is added if PIC is renewed twenty (20) days after birth month.

Renewed professional identification card is release on the chosen appointment date.

Good standing certificate Application process:

  1. Must be a citizen of the Philippines, between the ages of 18 and 21, and morally upright;
  2. Must be a graduate or a holder of a degree from an institution of higher learning that has received proper governmental recognition; and
  3. Has not yet received a definitive judgment from a court with appropriate authority convicting them of a crime involving moral turpitude.

Secure and fill out the application for Certification of Good Standing

You may download the sheet online and fill it out beforehand. Take your accomplished form to the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD). You won’t have to pay a fee but you are required to present the following required documents:

  • Professional Identification Card
  • Certificate of Registration (Photocopy or Original)

The activity will take two (2) minutes.

Pay documentary stamp

Afterward, head to the Customer Service Center/CSC Staff and pay a Php25 pesos for the stamp.

The activity will take five (5) minutes.

Submit the application at Window 5 for assessment of fees

Your application and stamp will be checked so make sure to keep everything in one folder for faster access. Go to the Registration Division/Receiving Officer and submit the following:

  • Professional Identification Card
  • Certificate of Registration (Photocopy or Original)
  • Documentary Stamp

The activity will take five (5) minutes.

Pay the prescribed fee at the cashier

You now have to pay for your certificate at the cashier. The Regular fee is Php75 pesos per copy while the Express fee is Php200 pesos. With Express transaction, your Good Standing Certificate from PRC will be released within three (3) or four (4) hours upon receipt of the documents.  

You will also have to present the previously mentioned documents to the cashier.

The activity will take two (2) minutes.

Submit your application at Window 5 to receive claim slip

Once again, proceed to the Registration Division to receive your claim slip that will indicate the date of release of your Good Standing Certificate from PRC.

The activity will take five (5) minutes.

On the scheduled date of release, submit claim slip at Window 6 and wait to be called

Go straight to the Receiving Department and look for a Releasing Officer. Make sure to bring your Official Receipt and Claim Slip.

The activity will take seven (7) minutes.

If you are currently abroad, you may have a representative apply for the certificate on your behalf provided that you have a scanned authorization letter clearly stating your full name, PRC number, your authorized representative, your present location, and signature. Make sure that when your representative appears before the PRC Office, he or she has a valid ID to present as well as a scanned copy of your PRC ID.

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