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Required Documents and Process Steps:

Step 1: PSV – Dataflow Verification

Documents required for data flow verification (PSV) – OMSB:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Resume
  4. Educational documents – diploma, degree, or master’s certificate (convocation certificate)
  5. Mark list/transcript of studies throughout the year (including course duration)
  6. Professional license from home country and last working country – must be valid; if expired, attach renewed license. Professionals without a licensing authority should obtain a letter from the employer.
  7. Experience certificate – based on professional qualification criteria, the last 3 years of experience (limited to 2 employers). Additional payment needed for more experience. Certificate must be issued by Human Resource Manager/Administrator/Director of the facility.
  8. Documents issued from Oman do not need verification; submit alternate documents as required.

Data flow fees vary based on the number of documents to be verified:

  • Physician: 135 OMR
  • Pharmacist: 110 OMR
  • Nurses: 110 OMR
  • Allied healthcare: 80 OMR
  • Report transfer from other authority: 25 OMR

Upon completing PSV with a positive outcome, you can apply for the Prometric/Pearson VUE exam. A negative data flow report will halt the process in Gulf countries. It is recommended to take the exam after PSV for better preparation.

Step 2: Pearson VUE or Prometric Exam Booking (Depending on Profession):

Different exams are available based on the profession, such as GP, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Nurses, and Pharmacists. Exam fees vary by profession and exam type.

Step 3: Finding a Job in Oman and Licensing Process by Employer:

  • Update your resume.
  • Have a positive data flow report.
  • For GNM and BSc Nurses, 4 and 3 years of experience respectively after nursing council registration is required. Check OMSB website for details.
  • Apply directly for jobs in Omani hospitals. MOH Oman will grant approval, and interviews will be conducted, often online if you’re outside Oman.
  • After selection, the employer will provide a job offer.
  • Provide passport copy and photo for visit visa.
  • A 3-month visit visa and flight tickets will be provided for the Viva exam with MOH.
  • Clear the Viva exam within 3 attempts upon arrival in Oman; otherwise, return home and reapply after 1 year.
  • Required documents for Viva: Prometric exam result, positive data flow report, passport copy, passport size photo, payment receipt.
  • The number of attempts varies based on CBT exam scores.
  • Oral Viva exam is mandatory for all specialties.
  • Upon passing the Viva exam, you’ll receive a nursing registration license within a week, allowing you to practice your profession in Oman.

The information provided is based on various public sources and insights from nurses working in Oman. If you need more clarification, assistance, or study materials, please contact Nursing Manthra on WhatsApp.

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