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How to apply for License in Newyork State BON and NCLEX application process:

Welcome to Nursing manthra.
New York City is the most densely populated major city in the United States. Nurses are most demanded professionals and having good salary scale. License process is done through NYSED (Newyork state education Department website).

What are the Advantages of New york SBON:

  1. The entire application procedure takes approximately 5-6 month depending on New York BON evaluation team.
  2.  About 5-6 months processing time frame will start once the NY BON receive your documents.
  3.  In website they will mention current processing application that you can check your application status.
  4. Experience is not required to apply for license.
  5. Finger print card is not required as it is tehre in other state like illinois board of nursing and other boards.
  6. The application is valid until you pass the exam, but you must take it within 5 years.
  7. Cheapest among all other state license application

Disadvantage of New york SBON:

  1. Need to attend 2 mandatory courses-Child abuse and infection control , that we can attend online.
  2. Fees will be added for each course.
  3. Don’t worry, Nursing manthra will assist you for that by giving guidance for attending courses and from which sites we can attend course.

Documents Required for New york SBON application:

  • Clear scanned , uncut documents required.
  • Form 2F & 3F filled by applicant part.
  • Degree /diploma certificate
  • Transcript of Records from your college
  • Home country License initial and renewed valid copy( Your local license should be active for at least 8 MONTHS upon application).
  • Passport with signature copy
  • Marriage certificate copy (if married)
  • Birth certificate copy

Application Process Steps:

1.attend mandatory courses of child abuse and infection control
2. Fill out from 2F and 3f  from your college and  licensing council.
3.NYSED application form 1 submission  and making payment.
4.NCSBN registration for exam
5.After getting ATT book NCLEX examination
6.After getting pass apply for Licensing

Fees Required for Process:

Registered nurse form 1 application fee-143 USD
Infection control course fee- 30
Child abuse course fee-15 USD
College and licensing council form filling fees depends on  your college and licensing authority as different fees structure they are  charging to get filled form  2F & 3F.
NCSBN exam fee-150 USD
NCLEX exam Fee- 220 USD
Please note that if any extra payment required by BON , then have to pay accordingly. This is approximate  amount.

If you need any assistance for the application, Please feel free to contact nursingmanthra whatsapp number .

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