Interview Questions for Cardiothoracic ICU

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As you know that interview questions are completed related to the interviewer, anything about nursing practice in CICU can be expected. Depends on hospital, depends on interview committee, there will be changes.

Some of teh questions which is asked recently to my colleague in UAE by a reputed hospital setting:

  1. Introduce yourself?
  2. Which all are the cases you handles in CICU during your clinical practice?
  3. Emergency drugs: Atropine use in CICU, calcium bicarbonate, adrenaline, calcium-mainly asked action and side effects
  4. Tell me about hypoklaemia managemnt and drugs
  5. VBG values analysis
  6. Ventilatro care -tube cahnge, if more secretions what you will do?
  7. Infection prevention bundles-
  8. Multi drug resistant Organism
  9. ECMO care on and off .
  10. Defibrillator shock details
  11. Thrombolyzation
  12. post CAG care
  13. Assisting for IABP
  14. Then asked JCI related questions-IPSG, infection control related questions.
  15. Difference between 1st degree and 2nd degree block?
  16. Difference between cardioversion and defibrillation?
  17. ECG rhythm lead changes in different wall Myocardial infarction-anterior, lateral, posterior, inferior, septal wall MI?
  18. Almost all ACLS algorithms -asking mainly drugs dosage
  19. Pacemaker?
  20. Which is shockable rhythm and which is unshockable rhythm?
  21. Warfarin dosage?
  22. Post angioplasty care ?
  23. Pulmonary edema management?
  24. Cardiac arrest/chest pain initial management?
DOH/HAAD Oral Exam Assessment Process:

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