How to Apply Online ICA travel report ,UAE.

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 Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) 

Travel report is an official document of your all entry and exit records and duration of stay into and from the UAE.

 Application steps to follow to receive your report:

Purpose of this report will vary from each person.

  1. MOE equivalency check need this ICA travel report
  2. IF authority suspect education or employment certificate is genuine or not , can ask for ICA travel report
  3. Visa renewals
  4. Other legal matters

You can try to get it with your phone.

Install UAEICP APP from APP store or google play
Install UAE pass also and sign in

  • Open UAEICP app
  • Sign in with UAE PASS or do registration with email id
    *Authorize uae pass in your phone
  • Go to Pro-Active services
    *Select entry and exit
  • select date raneg which you need
    *make payment 151.4 AED
    *after successful payment login to APP again
  • Print entry and exit report.
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