OET: Occupational English Test:Writing format fora Discharge letter:

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OET: Writing format fora Discharge letter:

Typical organisation of a discharge letter :

  • name and address of reciepient
  • Date ( the date in the case notes, which willbe teh date of your OET test)
  • Salutation(Dear Dr Shincy………)
  • Name and age of the person discharged (Eg: Shinu thomas ,aged 60 years)
  • Introduction: must be short.It summarises 1. when the patient will be discharged 2. the patient’s chief complaint and recovery status. It often begins with the words: Mr. Thomas is being discharged today back into your care after suffering from COPD. He has recovered well…..
  • Further information of chief complaint/recovery status
  • Secondary complaint status/Current medical condition
  • Discharge plan/Treatment plan/Medications
  • Concluding sentence ( Eg. Please do not hesitate tocontact me ..etc)

*Sign off (Yours sincerely)

  • Your job title(Eg: Nurse/Dentist/Doctor)

Note: This is only a suggested structure. On the test day you can change to whatever structre you are flexible depending on the case notes.

OET Vocabulary to use for Writing Module:
How to become a Regsitered Dentist in Australia/Australian Dental council(ADC) registration process:

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