High school certificate (10th grade).

Higher secondary school (12th grade) certificate


Passport size photo 2*2 with white background (recent)

Degree/Diploma certificate

Course completion certificate from college/school

Transcript of Records all pages

Home country license registration in council and last working country professional registration

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate(If applicable)

Name change certificate (if appliable)

Application Process:

Depends on different board of nursing in USA, Canada and Australia , application process will take 7-8 months depends on the board and evaluation process steps. Some councils are faster , some are slower. In USA around 50 state board of nursing , each state have their own regulatory bodies, who decides what is the process.

After completing CGFNS verification, board registration ahs to do and complete all requirement of the Board. Then you will get NCLEX Examination link to register in NCSBN and you will get Authorization to test (ATT) and you can book NCLEX


English Language Proficiency Report

Remaining states in US , English test report needed only for visa screening process time.

Accepted English Language proficiency test and passing exam scores

TOEFL-Overall Score -83, speaking score-26

IELTS: Over all score -6.5 , Speaking score 7.0

OET-accepted in 2 states in USA, but in website not mentioned more details(Florida and Oregon). But OET still not accepted by CGFNS

For state of Florida , IELTS score have to give to CGFNS .CGFNS will evaluate your report .Once it is done they will provide visa screening certificate.

Illinois board of nursing Licensure application:

RN and LPN application

Idfpr site have to start with moving to continental testinginc site for nclex rn paper work. After continental testing fee paid , pearsonvue professional testing fee also has to do .Before exam approval needs credential evaluation report, finger print card, and you will get ATT that si valid for 90 days . Exam result will be with in 7-10 days.For more details and assistance for the process please contact nursing manthra whatsapp.

Fees Required for Process:

Texas Board of Nursing:

Apply for nclex application by filling your all information as mentioned in the site and submit the application by paying application fee.

For getting license in Texas, you have to complete following

For more details and assistance for application process, please contact us

New York board of nursing:

Documents Required for New york SBON application:

Clear scanned , uncut documents required.

Form 2F & 3F filled by applicant part.

Degree /diploma certificate

Transcript of Records from your college

Home country License initial and renewed valid copy( Your local license should be active for at least 8 MONTHS upon application).

Passport with signature copy

Marriage certificate copy (if married)

Birth certificate copy

Fees Required for Process:

Clear scanned , uncut documents required.

Infection control course fee- 30

Child abuse course fee-15 USD

College and licensing council form filling fees depends on your college and licensing authority as different fees structure they are charging to get filled form 2F & 3F.

NCSBN exam fee-150 USD

NCLEX exam Fee- 220 USD

New York board of nursing:

General Information:

CES is required

Mandatory cme class atatend for 3 hours -child abuse

Credentialing is approximately 4 to 5 months.

Entire procedure is approximately 6-7 months

Application is valid for 1 year

A compact state.

Experience is NOT needed.

Fingerprinting is required

English Proficiency Examination is required (OET, TOEFL, IELTS)

License is inactive unless you have Social Security Number (SSN)

WASHINGTON Board of Nursing:

General Information:

CES is required.

Credentialing is approximately 4 to 5 months.

Processing time is about 6-7 months.

Need English Proficiency Examination Result (IELTS Academic).

NOT a compact state.

The application is valid for 1 year.

No Fingerprinting.

The Board of Nursing will not Release a Copy of the Candidate Report after you pass the NCLEX exam.


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