Data flow and License Process


Data Flow and License Process

Data Flow

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Data flow or Primary source verification (PSV) is a verification company which verifies the documents submitted for licensing process in different Gulf countries. For all health care professionals to practice in GCC, must obtain a positive data flow report.Life will get trouble due to negative data flow report. Once you have a negative data flow report, if you can’t clear it, then you are not eligible to work in any gulf countries lifelong.

So, applying for data flow is very crucial for each profession. Always make sure that the authority where you studied is affiliated and your employment place is not in black lister or closed.

Please get salary in your bank account to provide bank statement of your work duration, even though your workplace is backlisted it will help you to get positive report.

If your hospital /clinic is closed now, then don’t apply for data flow for that experience, because the outcome will come as unable to verify.

It is always better to give to a highly professional agency when you gave for data flow service , so that they can easily identify the issues in data flow for your documents and avoid mistakes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to data flow services.

Documents Required for data flow verification process:

The documents are differ from one authority to another, but as a general following documents are required for license process

  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Degree/diploma certificate
  • Whole year marksheets/transcripts
  • Medical /nursing/dental/pharmacist/para medical council registration -initial registration and renewed copy if applicable
  • Latest experience certificate at least 2 years as per professional qualification requirement of each authority
  • Good standing certificate from registration council -need for some authority

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