Data flow and License Process


Data Flow and License Process


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Application process

  • Gather all required documents based on your profession
  • Good standing is not mandatory for the process, but some employer can ask for good standing. So if it is required then only apply for that. Please make sure that in your employment certificate your conduct is mentioned.
  • Apply for PSV/data flow verification of your documents
  • Once you get positive data flow report then register in MUMARIS portal
  • Submit application in MUMARIS.
  • Get Professional classification eligibility ID
  • With eligibility ID , book prometric exam based on your professional title.
  • Once you pass exam, you can find an employer in Saudi
  • With employer offer letter, Iqama, and other documents -can activate Saudi License, usually proceeds this step by your employer.
  • For more details you can watch my YouTube video related to Saudi license process
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