Data flow and License Process


Data Flow and License Process

CGFNS Verification

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The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools(CGFNS) is an organization that helps foreign educated health care professionals live and work in their country of choice by validating professionals academic and professional credentials. Founded by ANA(American Nurses Association) and the National League for Nursing(NLN). For more details related to CGFNS verification, you can go through the blog in this site.

Application process

  • Select your state board of nursing where you wish to get registered. Don’t worry after getting license you can transfer to other nursing boards where you prefer to work.
  • Gather all necessary documents after reviewing particular state board requirements
  • Apply application fee if required by the board
  • Apply for CGFNS verification
  • Get CGFNS form filled from your nursing college and licensing council and make sure that it is sent from these authorities smoothly.
  • CGFNS will notify the state board of nursing with verification report.
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