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1 All applicants must demonstrate a current valid license/ registration to practice in the home country or country of last employment (Where applicable).
2 Physicians must hold a valid Authorities license to practice as a physician relevant to the Authority he/she is applying to the TCAM profession will be considered as an extended scope (Privilege) for the physician.
3 All applicants must submit their complete transcripts that indicate the theory and clinical hours as applicable.
4. All TCAM practitioners must hold a valid BLS certificate.

After signing up with the DHA website, you have to check for eligibility. Once you are eligible you can open the application and start the process. You will get a unique identification number. With this unique identification number, you can apply for the data flow and DHA CBT exam.

The procedure includes 3 steps.

  1. Data flow verification of your documents:
  2. CBT assessment (EXAM)
  3. Submission
  1. Data flow verification of your documents:

You may ask me what all are the documents required for data flow. What is data flow or PSV (primary source verification).  Data flow means verifying your documents from their source. You must submit your education includes an internship , license, and experience for data flow. Data flow teams in your country will visit the institution, or they may mail or they make a call to the institute. The correspondent authority has to make positive remarks on the documents that you submitted for verification.

Now, you may ask me what all are the documents required for data flow verification

  1. A BSc of Chiropractic – Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C), honors degree or undergraduate, masters or equivalent of minimum four (4) years full-time duration with minimum 4200 student/teacher contact hours
    Minimum of two (2) years’ experience after internship.
  2. The physician is privileged to practice Chiropractic with an Accredited Chiropractic training program of minimum 1800 hours over a two or three (2 or 3) years full time or part-time program including a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical experience.
  • mark list/transcript-If you don’t have mark list from university, then you can submit the transcript. The transcript is taking from the college, the principal should be sealed and signed on it, mentioning all year details of the subjects, mark list, internship details also, etc.
  • License-  council) you can submit your valid home country license. Initial license copy and renewed copy also. If your license is expired, then you have to renew your license and then apply for verification. If you worked in another country, you can submit a license from the last working country also.
  • Experience certificate—-Successful completion of internship program And Two (2) years of clinical experience.  with a minimum gap within 2 years. Always better to have experience with one employer for 2 years. Don’t try to make a fake document. Always get an experience certificate from HR(Human resource ) office or from Medical director if your institution doesn’t have an HR department.

            Process of Data flow:

  • Signup DHA Data flow account by using your mail id and unique identification number
  • Upload signed a letter of authorization
  • Create a new case and select your profession
  • Start application
  • Upload all details of your Education, internship, License, and Employment details
  • Upload all documents. Care must be taken to give exact information. If you ignore it, then your outcome can be negative.
  • submit the application by making payment.  You can use Debit or credit cards internationally.


  • Go to pro metric website
  • generate eligibility
  • schedule exam
  • Do payment
  • Exam result will be published within  1 -5 days


Wow, I hope that You finished with your data flow and your exam. Those who completed both can apply now for eligibility letter. At this stage, you have to submit the following documents.

  1. Good standing certificate form licensing council where you worked last
  2. Basic life support
  3. Photograph
  4. Passport
  5. Higher secondary certificate
  6. Resume

You have to check whether your data flow report is linked with DHA. If yes then submit and do the payment. It’s about 230 AED. Within 2-5 days you will get DHA eligibility letter. Now it’s your time to apply for a job in Dubai. Once you are selected and signed an offer letter your employer will start the process for licensing. All the best for a bright future.

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